Lace Nail detail (made with sharpie)

A Lilly compilation, just for fun! 

bridlesandbows-deactivated20130 said: Seriously, you're the most talented nail painter I've ever seen. Please give me your skills.

OMG you’re too sweet! Thank you!

Lilly Pulitzer “Garden By The Sea” Nails

Lilly Pulitzer “Chiquita Bonita” Nails

Hello to all my new followers!

I’m so excited you guys are following me! If you have any nail requests or want a tutorial done just respond here or in my ask box! Thanks so much! XOXOXO

All of my Lilly manicures!

Lilly Pulitzer “Summer Classics” Manicure

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Lilly Pulitzer Inspired “Docksider” Nails

"You Gotta Regatta" Lilly Inspired Nails

"You Gotta Regatta" Nails